My response to a disgraceful attack on Iranian female Human rights activists

Today, we have yet another disgraceful attack on Iranian female democracy campaigners on this site, in form of a” blog”, to which I posted an appropriately worded response which was flagged and removed before the idiot who flagged it could say: “nuke bomb is my undeniable right”!!!

I suggested and I mainatin that the blogger’s hateful -islamist style-¬†perception of Brave female Iranian demonstrators as some nude women, being man handled by a bunch of men, is merely a reflection of what he/she witnessed happening to his/her own female relatives, his/her own mother and sisters as a child. For which the blogger deserves a bit of sympathy and lots of pitty from the rest of us.

I want to take this opportunity of responding to a worthless trash of a blog by this particular cyber bassiji, to salute every single female political prisoner of the Fascist Islamist Regime. Every single Iranian woman who has lost her life fighting for the liberation of Iran from the vermin of Islamist Fascism.

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