Shut Up and March, Shirin!

Shirin Ebadi was in Warsaw, to attend the European Union’s “European Development Days”, one of those weird European trade shows, the ones without the actual tradeshow exhibits. But nevertheless primarily this forum is geared towards promoting and increasing trade with the EU countries.

Baffling because Ms. Ebadi, or apparently now we are supposed to call her Banoo Ebadi, asked the attendees whose entire job and main focus is to increase EU business, to instead, stop doing business, specifically with Iran.

OK so I’m going to have to pause here, and try and explain things mostly to myself (because you never listen), to rationalize and avoid my head exploding.

Here’s the deal as I see it. The government of Iran is starting to falter. The ridiculousness of the constant mantra of “Just Have Faith in the Islamic Republic”, is now starting to even bore the poor who have been paid to be faithful all these years. Ironically the very act of paying the poor off, has in fact filled their stomachs so that they aren’t hungry anymore, and with that, a low tolerance of the same day in day out repeatedly boring bullshit. So far the Great Satan hasn’t flown in at night to steal and eat their children. But that new iPhone looks really cool. And the poor who aren’t poor anymore, really want one.

The success of the Islamic Marxist redistribution of wealth has only created a very large Yawn. And an increasingly annoyed populace who don’t want to hear about shortages and sacrifice, when in 32 years the Americans still haven’t attacked.

So the Supreme Bluff played by the Supreme Leader is like this close to being called.

All that remains to screw it up though is for the US to attack Iran. Correction, for the US to fall for one of Iran’s continued attempts to goad it into attacking. For if the US would just do that already, the Iranian government could probably squeeze at least another 32 years of “shut up and believe”, out of the Iranian people. With just one continuous loop of, “I told you so!”

So anything, ANYTHING that would play into the hands of the Iranian government’s ongoing 32 year lie, like sanctions, or an attack as surgical as it might even be, plays into their hands. And further commits the Iranian people to a life sentence of oppression, just as they are about to come up for parole. Nevermind that they never committed the crime in the first place.

back to banoo…

So here we have MS. Ebadi, barely visible above the big boys’ podium in Warsaw, who in spite of the size of her melon, doesn’t seem to want to get what her role as an oppressed Iranian woman is, asking the EU, the EU mind you, the EU that is not about to turn away ANY deal that might help turn around it’s own riches to rags story, “Uh, Hey, is this thing turned on? Uh, yeah, so Don’t do business with Iran. OK. Bye.”

That’s it? That’s your big idea? Are you shitting me?

Shirin Ebadi has the potential to be the perfect storm at the perfect time. The storm is to champion women’s rights and injustice.

Instead of trying to convince everyone what a good moslem she is, she should be tearing out the pages of the Qoran that insult and oppress Iranian and all women.

Instead of playing by the rules of an unjust Islamic court, she should be tearing out the pages of the Qoran that go against time and Greek philosopher proven regular proper law.

Instead of sitting on couches and chairs and squirming in her pantsuits answering the same tepid questions by her fans who pretend to be reporters, she should be standing and screaming bloody hell.

But instead of standing, I really think that Ms. Ebadi actually needs to be marching. She should find Iran’s Selma and march to Iran’s Montgomery. I’m not sure if the equivalent is Qazvin to Karaj, but it certainly could be.

Martin Luther King, marched from Selma to Montgomery 3 times. On March 7, 1965, known as “Bloody Sunday” MLK and 600 marchers were stopped the first time, by police beatings and police dogs. That Tuesday, MLK marched again, this time with 2500 marchers, crossing the Edmund Pettus bridge just outside Montgomery, then abruptly turning back. The 3rd and final march started on March 16 and a week later, and the marchers made it all the way to Montgomery ending at the state capitol building. The third march was escorted by the police and national guard.

There is NO reason why an act of civil disobedience of this same nature, would not work in Iran. Women are the much deprived, second, some even say third class of citizen, regulated, and prohibited from the most basic human and equality rights. Iran has imposed the Nazism of physically tagging women with clothing rules, and the most dehumanizing segregations of Apartheid, blended into a deadly concoction of slavery mislabeled and sold as an ideal intellectual concept of “Hejab”.

Indeed the ruse has worked so well, that around the world, modern Islamic women accept this lower being status and rank, some even defend and cherish and willingly choose it. Usually they are ugly though. Uglier when the they try and justify why the hejab is good.

Ms. Ebadi however, remains blissfully clueless in all of this. Her substantial intellect apparently missing the key gene that triggers the obvious action she should have taken by now.

But, like rooting for the San Francisco Giants there is always pain, and there is always next year. Mostly though there is pain.

The upcoming election in Iran, with Ahmadinejad thankfully unable to pollute the air with his voice anymore, except for his continued breathing, the window for objection is wide open. The opportunity to expose the sheer ridiculousness of Iran’s presidential election, and entire voting system and the fraudulent bases of candidacy and campaigning, too perfect not to seize.

Here’s hoping that Ms. Ebadi wakes up from her Cyrus coma, and recognizes that when you win a Nobel prize, you are kind of expected to live up to it.

But seriously, peeking out over the podium and asking the EU to not invest in Iran is pretty funny and kind of cute and somewhat adorable, now that I think about it.

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