I am changing my tune …both Iran and U.S. great nations!!

Since 2001, I have gone arround life – like a wounded soul. Every event had a negative side to it. The world outside was blamed for everything that I encountered that was frustrating or difficult. And I do not think I was alone. Both, Iranians and Americans basically have developed a chip on their shoulders. For Americans, Muslims are to blame for their national bankruptcy …for endless wars…AND for Iranians, Americans (and the West in general) are to blame for Iran’s demise…”the mullahs are there because the West wants it so”…

But then last night, as a family, I connected my laptop to the big screen TV in our living room (to watch a downloaded Netflix movie), but while I was waiting for everyone to sit down, I put on some short Youtube, comedy skits by Iranian comedians …in English. Maz, Amir K, etc.

One skit has Maz Jobrani talking about Iranians in L.A. – how they own so much real estate. And he finishes with you take our oil, we take your land!! On the face of it, its funny….really funny. But then it occured to me, why not? Maybe that is the solution.

Stop attacking and feeling sorry for yourself and every other Iranian-American …just stop it. Stop attacking the Mullahs in Iran. Just stop it. Change your web I.D. and be positive. Very positive. There is so much to be positive about. I am here, my family is healthy, we can bring so much love into our lives. There is so much opportunity in America – its ubelievable. Iranians can prosper here – despite everything. Just like Jewish-Americans – we can own this place. Why not? We can express so much love for America and Americans – that it will simply put them to shame when they go arround hating us! If we create jobs, if we invent new products, if we help transform America’s economy – how can we Iranians/Muslims/Foreigners be bad?

And as for the Mullahs in Iran. Well, I think the world should change its tune. There is so much pressure on them, so much finger pointing, that its very difficult to blame them for taking such an aggressive posture. The country is surrounded by over 200,000 western troops…and regime change is the call of the day. If we want to force change, there is another way …let them relax…let them feel like their lives are not threatened….let them believe that there can be a different future for them…THEN – AND ONLY THEN – will regime change take place from inside Iran, organically …when there is much less beligerance on both sides. The alternative – WAR – is just too messy to imagine. The whole world could blow up …really? And do we want that?

We – yes you and I – can be the solution. So in this New Year, my message is simple, Lets work harder than we have ever done before. Lets bring happiness and prosperity to everyone we meet. Lets be a positive influence on the world. Lets change ourselves …and find positive elements to engage in our lives to change the world we live in. The solutions has to come from ‘positive opportunities’ – not outright WAR. Find the positive and amplify it.

Goodbye – khodahafez. I love you all. This is my last blog on this site.

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