Regime change; democracy and high horse

People have been debating what is good for and what is going on in Iran. Is there intervention; is it desirable and what is good. Do we want democracy? Where does Reza Pahalavi fit in.

I welcome you ALL to post here and share your thoughts in a polite and civil manner. 

My own thoughts are intervention is happening right now.

Therefore it is not a question of if but how. Do we get to impact it and if so how. 

To me these are the priorities:

* A strong and intact Iran.

* A secular state.

* Freedom and guaranteed rights for all.

* Iran so attractive to stop the brain drain and get parts of diaspora to return.

* A strong an vibrant economy.

Not so important are:

* Actual form of government: Monarchy; Republic or whatever as long as it is free and respects our rights.

* Getting all the oil and gas wealth. We should be working not living off goo pumped out of ground.

* Independence whatever that means because I don’t think any nation is really independent.

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