Typical Signs of a Dictatorial Regime Collapsing

Below is a list of signs and events before a dictatorial government disappears. Have in mind not necessarily all of them show up. Please feel free to add your own.

1- Political executions increase. BUT hardly any one tries to shoot the leader or his politicians.

2- Crime increases. Oppositions blame government and government blames the opposition.

3- Officials say different things about the same issue. It seems they can’t agree in anything, in particular human right issue.

4- The leader does NOT show up as much as before BUT when he does he is treated like god.

5- The leader and officials do not separate themselves from the nation like before. They tend to show they are in the same class as their people.

6- They tend not to give interviews, particularly to foreign journalists. And when they do they do not answer hot questions.

7- Initially they claim public are NOT grateful for all the things they done.

8- The officials keep mentioning their achievements, no matter how minor.

9- The leader thinks god designated him to be there BUT does not have much to say when he is asked does the same god decides if it is over.

10- Officials become more culturally aware. They act more nationalistically.

11- Local currency losses value against foreign currencies. It could be because the officials are buying too much or a lot of other reasons.

12- Dictators claim never touched their nations money, BUT can’t explain why their country is broke.

13- Leader’s relatives disappear from sight, same as they appeared. Sometimes they are reported going abroad.

14- Politicians tend to refer to history to make their points.

15- The leader gives more medals to army personnel and in return receives free medals.

16- Army shows its support more than before.

17- Uniforms tend to become sparkling clean.

18- More guns are displayed for public to see. Army starts to use and show brand new guns. Even though previously they claimed build up of these arms was strictly for defence of their boarders.

19- Bodyguards increase in number to start with BUT if there is no hope their numbers drastically reduce during the last few days!! Maybe they see no hope.

20- Tourism is restricted as they can be spies BUT government claims no one come and see how wonderful their country is.

21- The leader is surprised why there is so much noise. Why just doesn’t everyone go about their own business like they did before.

22- Inflation becomes an issue. Prices go up so much even officials can not shop anymore.

23- The oppositions suddenly become classy and popular. Their number increase and they tend to be saying the right things. Some people wonder why didn’t they say and acted so before.

24- If the dictatorial state was based on a particular purpose, that purpose becomes more of an issue. For example, IRI was based on religion therefore there will be more of that.

25- To everyone’s surprise some officials get arrested for financial issues or treason.

26- Country’s money goes missing.

27- Major projects stops, partly because there is no money and no one cares anymore.

28- Foreign governments don’t take them seriously.

29- Foreign embassies reduce their personnel. Initially they say this is for administration purposes BUT as it gets worth they say it is for diplomats’ safety.

30- Public fund raising for the opposition starts if that country is poor.

31- Without even mentioning themselves came to power with the help of foreigners, government start blaming foreigners for all the troubles.

32- University students boycott their classes and start rioting.

33- The leader is either tired, confused or needs medication.

34- The leader does not feel well. The moment going gets tough they feel unwell.

35- As the final push the leader’s son (if he has one) becomes government’s favourite choice.

36- The leader and/or his son start begging for forgiveness. At last he agrees to do what the nation wants him to. But that is too late.

37- Even though these leaders claim to be civilised and democratic BUT none of them thanks supporters and apologise to their supporters for things are not as they should be. WHY IS THAT?????

Do some of these sound and feel like Iran?

Well maybe we are all taken for a ride. We Iranians are VICTIMS. Victims of international filthy politics against Iran. I know it is difficult to believe but it seems to me all dictators come from the same school. You tell me why do they behave so similarly?

Also most dictatorial states have common factors. Strangest of them is that these governments do not see it that way.

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