Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi in the Evin Prison of Iran

Bahman Aghai Diba

I saw Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi, who is currently known as theoretician of violence in Iran, the first time in Iran’s Evin prison. It was during the first term of Mohammad Khatami’s presidency and no one had heard anything about this Ayatollah. However, Assadollah Lajervaedi, the Butcher of Evin (Head of the Prisons Organization of Iran), had invited him several times to address the entire assembly of prisoners in Evin Prison. At that time, Messbah was not famous at all and I was wondering why the Butcher of Evin had chosen him out of the great spectrum of narrow-minded, Arabo-philes (like Anglophile or Francophile) and disgusting Mullahs to speak in the prison that he loved like his son.

First, I was thinking perhaps it was due to the resemblance in their physical characters. The Butcher of Evin and Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi both looked so disgusting that everybody (even those who did not know what kind of ruthless criminal they were) felt annoyed by looking at them. Walking together you could easily see the two hyenas running shoulder to shoulder. However, later I came to the conclusion that presence of Messbah was more than a simple issue. Messbah was one of the persons that were very well aware of the criminal acts committed in Evin prison. The Butcher of Evin (Lajevardi) as one of the most prominent members of the Islamic Motalefeh Group (some of the other members were: Assghar Oladi, the biggest plunderer of the Iranian Economy; Zavarei, the head of the Real Estate Registration Organization of Iran, who is dead now and has returned to hell), was a close friend and associate of Messbah. At that time, Mohammad Khatami (the former president of Iran) was still playing the role of the “First Lady” and the extremist Islamic groups headed by figures like Messbah Yazdi were working behind the scenes to change the situation towards eradication of the small reforms that Khatami had in mind.

They controlled the real power and they were able to reject every move of the so-called Reformists. Finally they set Khatami aside and staged rigged elections and placed Mahmud Ahmadinejad as president of Iran.

When I was listening to the new president of Iran for the first time, I felt that his words and even his gestures were familiar to me. Later I came to the conclusion that I had heard those words from Messbah Yasdi in Evin prison. He was talking about the government of God and the lack of need for public support if there was something that God had ordered.

However, comparing Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi to other Ayatollahs from all points of political and religious spectrum, I think people like Messbah give a proper image of Islam and those who try to insert nice words in the Islamic texts are wrong. Islam has nothing to do with democracy. The idea of Velayate Faghih (Government of the Chief Mullah) is based on a Government of God and it leaves nothing to democratic institutions. I think religious figures like Messbah are more sincere in their introduction of Islam as compared to demagogues like Ali Shariati who had fabricated a religion out of his own hallucination.

Looking forward to the day that the people of Iran throw Messbah and Shariati and all of their companions to the garbage and start a new life according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Conventions on Civil, Political, Social and Economic Rights.

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