A Christian Christmas in Snowy Iran

Yep. That’s
Iran. Tehran, Iran. The Hub of Human Evil. According to American
hate radio, anyway. Snowy Tehran on a peaceful winter day. Makes
you think of Boulder, don’t it? Surrounded by snow-covered mountains?
Those are the Alborz Mountains. And they are higher
than the Rockies. They are the highest peaks in Asia west of the
Himalayas, in fact – with skiing on the upper slopes all year round.

Shocked? I
certainly was when I first started surfing the web for photos of
Iran. I was shocked by the mountains. Shocked by the snow. Shocked
by the busy ski shops. Shocked by the “cool dudes” throwing
snowballs in their trendy clothes. Shocked by the American-looking
yellow school bus in the upper right photo there. Shocked by something
in every photo I saw.

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