Cyrus Reza Pahlavi says “No” to his dad.

If you look at the video, you will see Cyrus Reza Pahlavi clearly state, that he does not have any Royal duties. I have responded to his interview

My argument has always been, that CRP cannot be in a state of limbo. He either identifies with his job as the Caretaker of the Royal Household, or lets someone else do the job. If he wants to put democracy above all else, then he can use his popularity to create a proxy election for all Iranians, using the modern technologies that are available. If you had his popularity you would do the same. His argument is this. He states, that the moment his father died, he decided not to carry out the duties his father was doing.

Let’s review. His father had left Iran, and was going to return, when he had recovered from an illness, and Prime Minister Bakhtiar had carried out his duties. We all know what actually happened. Just like 9/11 in US, the Iranian national forces were not used to protect the country, when the police force was too weak. So suddenly Iran was lost. A bogus election was carried out, and suddenly a new Home Land Security was created in Iran called IRGC. This is the force that is terrorizing Iranians and others via other Hezbollah cells in the world.

Cyrus Reza Pahlavi would not have dared to tell his father, that I am not going to act according to what my obligations are, as the new King of Iran. So he wants to be an idealistic democrat. A very honourable position. He calls himself a Human Rights Activist. Superb. Now what?  What this means is that he does not have to do anyting now as in a national emergency. The Royal Institution was created with the sole objective to defend Iran. Just like the Shiite monarchy which has its own contigencies, The Royal Institution of Iran was set up to defend the cultural heritage of Iran, and humanity. Yes humanity. Iran is old. The oldest. Much of world history is in Iran.

The Royal Institution is not political, religious, or commercial. This institution exists in many old civilizations where the people feel suspicious about the democractic process. Cyrus Reza Pahlavi is not suspicious of the democratic process. Nor are the Communists by the way. If sat down with a Communist, they would say the same. How ironical. Both our King and Communists put democracy first, and Iran second. OMG!

Let me explain what putting democracy first means. You just saw how it was abused recently. It happens in UK too. I went to vote for Liberal Democrats in our local parish church and they told me there isn’t a Liberal Democrat running. So it happens in “the mother of democracies”. But do the Brits care? No. They know the limits of politics. And thank goodness politicians are not what the total government of UK is. The government is more than those in the House of Commons. But in Iran we have a house of Shiites attending to the needs of a Shiite monarchy. That is what they take care of. Their mandate is not Iran first. Their mandate is Shiite first. And they do a fine job of it too. They need their own country. Not Iran. Go and create a government around Najaf in Iraq.

So let’s get back to Cyrus Reza Pahlavi. Millions know him. Why doesn’t he follow his democratic duty that he so staunchly believes in? He could rally everyone to vote via the internet via a secure UN site and make it official. It really does not matter how he does it. But he does not do it. He is hidding behind the ideals of democracy and awakard Catch-22 arguments that Iranians just love to brood over. So either way he has to do something beyond writting books, lectures, and interviews. Yes, he has to act in a practical that creates change.

So let’s say he creates this lovely internet site and all Iranians vote for new government in exile. What then? This elected bunch of the best Iranians would be the true representatives of Iran. When will they be needed? Well, let’s say the President of United States wants to say something about Iran, he knows that he needs to address the government in exile as well as the Hezbollah Party in Iran. The government in exile would be the true Iran. The world press would treat the Hezbollah Party in Iran like the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Hezbollah Party in Iran would not be seen as “Iran”. Any attack to them would not be to Iran. That is the big difference.

But alas HIM Cyrus Reza Pahlavi wants to be a limbo dancer. He does not want to create a democratic process or act as a King and give direct orders now as a King. He has that mandate. He could get up and say, “I am the Constitutional King of Iran, the personification of Iranian culture and history and am defending the rights of the innocent of Iranians by stating my return to Iran, and restoring Iranian culture to all Iranians”. He states clearly in that video that he does not want that title or its duties. So he is a democrat. Ok what has he is he doing about that? Hobson’s choice as a good friend of mine just told me. He has to act either way and not be a limbo dancer.

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