“Boycott the Election” Graffiti = Trouble for the Regime

Pre-election graffiti is spreading in Iran (see link below)  FG suggests this one: “Boycott the election: Don’t help those who beat you!”


1. BEGIN WITH THE ORIGINAL GREENS–Khamenei will be happy to learn that almost no one still believes in reform anymore. especially not the three million who showed up in the largest protest or millions of their symathizers at home who remain totally convinced the election was stolen.  The bad news for Khamenei is that almost all these people share one conclusion–the Islamic Republic is hopeless and must go.

2. TOTALITARIAN MEASURES DROVE OFF MILLIONS MORE.  Khamenei knows that intimidation requires ghastly and visible crimes to get his point accross: “This is what I will do to you and your wife and your kids if you critize my rule!.”  Why does the regime deny its crimes simultaneously?  Because the mullahs sense the permanent and irreversible alienation of a much greater portion of the population. That assures a crisis of Syrian dimensions once Iranians no longer fear death or beatings they are so fed up.  Revulsion produces new and more hostile dissidents like neutral bystanders who found themselves in the wrong place and suffered the consequences to person or property.  New opposition recruits (silent for now) also include kin, neighbors and acquaintances of every regime victim.

Expanded social policing over the last two years makes Iran look more like Saudi Arabis and Iranians resent it. Even people who could care less about democracy so long as they can have their fun will hate a system that steals everyone’s satellite dishes and cell phones (cynically selling new replacements afterwards) and that “cracks down” on actors, writers, movies, music, books, newspapers, television, social networks and the internet to deprive Iranians of “western” cultural influences people have come to enjoy. 

3. NOW ADD MILLIONS MORE WHOSE ALIENATION IS PRIMARILY ECONOMIC: Its numbers continue to grow.  The swindled finally see that the Islamic Republic’s economy is just as rigged and corrupt as its elections and their company unions.  They watch as Khamenei sells them out.  Instead of fixing what stinks,he hands over most of the economy to the men with the guns and clubs.  It is a “superbribe.” In exchange the hated mullahs get protection from an enraged populace  These clerics will not stop at any crime to preserve ill-gained and undeserved privileges, perks and powers. 

LINK: http://en.irangreenvoice.com/article/2012/jan/09/3…

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