Nobody ever leaves

Nobody ever leaves

We all seem to have left, but we haven’t.

Some of us even wrote good-bye blogs, but we’re still here.

Some of us may have been blocked under one name, but we have new names and we come around with those new names, acting exactly as we did with the original names.

Some of us got tired of the “political me,” and came back as a poet.

Some of us got tired of the “poet me,” and came back as a politician.

Some of us found writing too hard and thankless and disappeared, only to come back as commentators.

Some of us were too afraid of all the liberals and democrats running around the site and have only decided to come back with the nice group of conservative Republicans who were also here before, pretending to be poets.

Some of us were closet monarchists before, when it was unfashionable on this site to be a monarchist, and are out in full force now that it seems OK to be a Shahollahi.

Some of us were out, seeking other, more expensive types of therapy for a while, but lost our insurance coverage with that last layoff, and here we are, commenting on again.

But have no doubts. We are all still here, for no one ever leaves


Just so it’s clear: I don’t know who’s who. I don’t know who came back as whom. I’m not outing anyone. I’m just saying no one ever leaves Of this I am sure.

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