SunDeVich in Washington DC is the bomb!

Last week our very good friend, Bahram jaan, introduced us to SunDeVich and we tried it and the sandwiches there are delicious!  We tried their Beirut, Istanbul and Shiraz sandiwches and they were all very good.  Menu.

SunDeVich is at 1314 9th Street N.W., Washington, DC 20001 and the shop is actually behind the building in the 1314 building in 9th so you’ll have to look in the alley for the SunDevich sign to find it.  Just plug in the address in the GPS and it’ll get you there.

Besides Iranian and international sandwiches they also have a mean torshi that they sell in a jar.  We tried their eggplant dip thinking it is kashke bademjoon but it’s actually a mediteranean dip (I think) with crushed garlic and eggplant which they serve with bagettes.  We’ll have to try the rest of their sandwiches on other occasions.

If you’re in the area check them out the sandwiches are very good.  I think JJJ would like and will give his stamp of approval!  Bahram jaan is going to drive 14 hours to give them a try and if you’re further than 14 hours drive hop on a plane!

I just thought to let you guys know now that I’ve tasted their sandwiches that brought back memories from back home.  The sandwich shop itself it’s well decorated with a mix of new and old.

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