Sister Golshifteh: Irresponsible, Immature and Narcisstic

Through a selfish and immature act of purely narcisstic nature, Golshifteh Farahni has most probably triggered a fresh impetus in the minds of the torturers of Iran’s dungeons like the infamous Evin prison to carry out their criminal activities against their female inmates with a new vigor. This totally unnecessary and irresponsible act by Farahani who is now hailed by a bunch of simialrly misguided people as a heroine of wome’s rights! may give a green light to those murderous prison wardens, interrogators and torturers to rape and assault their female vicitims on the grounds of their support for women’s right and equal rights with men. How many such women’s right campaigners who are arrested and imprisoned by the un-Islamic regime in Iran will have their bodily sanctity assaulted no thanks to sister Golshifteh’s selfish and foolhrady act in the name of women’s liberty?

Why our women have to resort to such primitive and morally improper publicity seeking measures in order to protest to the injustices of the un-Islamic regime against them? This foolish and childish demonstration of low intellect is like that of toddler or a geriatric who wet their pants just to annoy the adults or those whom they don’t like.   What’s next? A rally in Tehran downtown by hundreds of bare-chested men to protest the men’s dress code?  How much burden of responsiblity lies on sister Farahani’s shoulders when the next female campaigner gets raped in a regime’s prision?

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