Life according to NIAC

For nearly a decade, as a claimant to be an IRS 501(c) (3) tax exempted educational organization, the NIAC Lobby has been educating the uneducated about how to live in peace and harmony with the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR).  

As the main focus of its educational endeavored, the NIAC Lobby has been advocating full unfettered diplomatic, and more importantly, economic ties with IRR.

The narrative of life according to the NIAC Lobby goes something like this; IRR has a pragmatic leadership which enjoys sizable domestic as well as the support of “Arab streets”, neighboring countries and well beyond. Ergo, it is here to saty, the more business done with IRR, the healthier the civil society gets, resulting in a more responsible government which is ready to play ball.

And as adversaries and impedement to the fullfilment of life according to the NIAC Lobby, there were always the Mujahedin cult, the devilish neo-cons, Israel of course and its evildoer AIPAC to balme.

However, with reality not cooperating with the fairytale, IRR’s ramped up domestic/international terroristic belligerence and illegal nuke shenanigan has forced NIAC Lobby to update its list of adversaries adding the White House, US House & Senate, EU, Arab countries and IAEA, just to name a few, to the balck list.


Isn’t time for the NIAC Lobby to stop its fictional story telling and get into non-fiction?

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