Why Women Have Sex?

Men have sex for only one reason … pleasure. But it seems that women’s sexual motivations are vastly complex, with no single reason fully dominating the others.

 A lady friend – let’s call her Sheri jon – is very interested in the complexities of women’s sexual motivations. Me on the other hand, not as much fascinated by the motivations, as by the end result.

Sheri jon has studied many studies, to better fathom how women can achieve sexual satisfaction, through a deeper understanding of their own sex drives. Based on five sleepless (and sexless) weeks of research, she has … finally … concluded that:

  1. Altruistic sex (feeling sorry for the guy) seems to be common on first dates.
  2. Revengeful sex (to get back at someone) is behind many unexplained cases.
  3. Palliative sex (e.g. as cure for migraine) is often cited on Sunday mornings.
  4. Confidence building sex (yes, I can do him) targets the alpha-males.
  5. Barter sex (for gifts or advancement) can thrive in some malls and offices.
  6. Jealousy sex (to evoke envy in others) is more common than you think.
  7. Drum roll … drum roll … and the foremost reason why women have sex is for peacekeeping … that is to “keep the peace” at home!

For example, Sheri tells me of her experience when she was 27 and met an older guy. She was not physically attracted to him, nor did she want to be romantically involved. But she felt sorry for the guy, all gray hair and vulnerable. So she decided to get him home, and give him “a break”. As she was undressing, she felt powerful and sexy – and that feeling (not the guy himself) turned her on.

 [as for the guy – rest assured that he had the time of his life]

To my question as why she keeps doing it now … Sheri replies that the mystery of why women have sex, and what they want out of it, is an elusive puzzle.  Apparently, Sigmund Freud called it “Ze Great Question”. For example, did you know that as many as 50% of women have trouble getting aroused at all?

Thanks god for the other 50%.

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