Summary Of 1979 Islamic Revolution (For Dummies)

Due to decade of massive disagreements & conflicts between Shah & the West, “Agha” was contacted by the CIA & British SIS in Najaf , Iraq prior to Spring of 1357 (1978). After few messages of mutual agreements against Shah and plan of his removal, He was given a green light to start his direct activity against Shah and create “The Shora” with all the help of all those Ayatollahs in Iran and abroad. Later he was summoned to England for his full training and instructions by the SIS & CIA in secret location. After approx. 3 months he was ordered to choose his new temporary residence and create his new commanding center in ” Neauphle-le-Château” , Charming little spot in western suburb of Paris, per French Government’s agreement & authorization.

By then, there were 3 major super powers involved to help Khomeini topple the Shah’s regime since “Agha” promised he would take care of all three by presenting them with Free Iranian Oil & Gas and stand up fiercely to Godless Communist Soviets, harder than shah ever was before… It was a perfect scenario, Triple Win Win situation for all parties involved to get rid of their mutual enemy, Shah and to rape Iran and Iranians like they never have been before since the discovery of Oil & Gas in Iran!!! “Agha” was given a direct stage & microphone on BBC (almost 24/7) to transmit his uprising against Shah with messages Hope, Promise Of Freedom, Democracy, Equality between Men & Women, Free Money, Free Gas & Electricity for all Iranians and other promisres that no other Free & Democratic country could ever dare to even promise to its people… Those were and later proved to be the biggest Lies to be promised to any nation in history of the world & unfortunately the naive & uneducated Iranians inside bought his lies via the new wanna be Iranian intellectuals & newly “transistor radios” provided by what I would like to call : “The Golden Triangle Powers” aka, U.S., U.K. & France who already shipped these little cheap Japanese Transistor Radios (National & Toshiba) deep inside Iran earlier to almost every Iranian houshold… I remember to have a transistor radio suddenly in Iran was like to have an iPhone with great connection to WiFi today. It became so fashionable & exciting to listen to these secret messages of ‘Agha” on short waves from BBC radio.

In six months time, all the heaviest propaganda via BBC and other means of communications , such as secret distribution of millions of paphlets amongst people, against Shah finally paid off! Millions of Iranians came out in protest against Shah and forced him to leave the country, the rest is history with thousands of books written about it… “Agha” arrived in Iran with his famous “Hichi…” on Air France, he changed and contricted himself against himself and all his previous words & promises to Iranian people in the broad daylight… After their victory and defeating Bakhtiar’s government, His Revolutionary Hezbolahi Mercanery Pasdars (lead by formerly Stanford University Graduate Electrical Engineer , Dr. Chamran who was trained by CIA, SIS & Yaser Arafat’s PLO in Palestine & South Lebanon) plus Mojaheden Khalgh & other Marxist Communist such as “Chereekan Fadei Khalgh…” formed revolutionary commanding centers called “Committee” (what a great French term by the way…) to create & dictate control & terror over and on Iranian people! Hezbolah & Saarallah (4 heavely armed & trained commandos with their own newly designed green uniforms , AK-47s & Khaki Toyota Land Cruisers!!!!) via captured National Radio & Television demanded for all guns & weapons looted from all Iranian military bases to be returned or face attacking any houshold that kept any gun/s and/or Weapon/s at home…

Later with their protection, “Agha & Co.” formed an Interim Government supposedly lead by Mohandes Bazargaan to further deceive Iranian people. Suddenly they created food shortage, created coupons for food and long lines to further confuse and shock people… Now Iranians had to get a book from “Masjed” & “Committee” in order to have the minimum to eat and provide for their family and children! When it finally came to the Election day, every Iranian had to show he/she “Voted” in order to get the approval “Stamp on his/her book” for to get the minimum food for the entire houshold!!! Election day came, the voting booths opened and accomponied with full presence of heavily armed “Hezbolahis armed with their new uniforms & AK-47s” looking so dangerous and on the edge for Iranians to vote!!!

Vote: “Islamic Republic , YES in (GREEN) voting pamphlets or NO in (RED) and put their votes (NOTE THE COLORS!!!) inside the voting boxes in front of those very scary & angry guys with machine guns almost pointed at them!!! That’s how they got their 98-99% YES (GREEN) votes…. I can go on and on and on … on how we the Iranian people, all got shafted so hard we couldn’t even believe ourselves if we were having a nightmare or ….? , but by then, with Iraq’s invasion on our land and later with 8 years of war , we all went inside our shells and hoped the future generations will someday take our IRAN back from all those criminals… To be continued …

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