In memory of Haik Hovespian

February 2012 marks the 18th anniversary of the murder of bishop Haik Hovespian and superintendent of the Petecostal Assemblies of God Churches in Iran. As his surname suggests Haik was born into an Armenian family but his church welcomed Iranians of all backgrounds who came to the Christian faith of their own volition. In a regime where apostasy is a capital offence Haik knowingly risked his life. The Terrorist regime would not tolerate any obstacle to its drive to Islamize Iran; destroying its pre-Islamic civilisation, enforcing a strict Islamic dress code and where the Koran was shoved down the throat of Iranian society, schools, media and the walls of buildings. 

Haik was a humanitarian, gifted musician and committed to highlight the prosecution of Iranian Christians and the freedom of faith for all Iranians which is inscribed in the Cyrus Cylinder which the IR Terrorist regime recently used as a propaganda tool when the British Museum loaned it to Tehran in 2011. Haik suffered regular persecution by the IR Terrorist securty forces who constantly raided his house and harassed his flock, confiscated books and materials. Haik’s defiance against the regime brought international publicity against the regime especially in his selfless campaign to release Christian covert Mehdi Dibaj who was sentenced to death in the nineteen nineties. Soon after Dibaj’s release, Haik was abducted by the IR Terrorist regime on 19th January 1994  in an operation long suspected to be the hand work of the notorious Said Emami who perpetrated the ‘chain killings’ which took the lives of Dariush and Parvaneh Forouhar. True to form, the IR Terrorists lied about the involvement of its terrorist security forces but his body was later found secretly burried in a disgusting Muslim cemetery having been stabbed 26 times all over his body. The IR has shown time and time again that not only does it not have respect for the sanctity of human life but also denies the dead to be burried with dignity. Despite being an Evangelist, Haik was a model of courage and self-sacrifice against the tyranny of Islamo fascism. 


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