Weekend of Mass Action to Stop a U.S. War on Iran NO war! NO sanctions! NO intervention! NO …

NO war! NO sanctions! NO intervention! NO assassinations!

Endorsers include (list is growing):

Afghans for Peace * American Iranian Friendship Committee * Americans Against the Next War *ANSWER Coalition * Antiwar.com * Anti-War Committee, Minnesota * Bail Out The People Movement * Buddhist Peace Fellowship * Campaign Against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iran * Center for a Stateless Society* CODEPINK * ComeHomeAmerica.us * ComeHomeAmerica.us, Boston * Dallas Peace Center * Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality-Virginia * Future Freedom * Gay Liberation Network, Chicago * Granny Peace Brigade* Iowans for Diplomacy With Iran* International Action Center (IAC) * Libertarians for Peace* Liberty for America * Malcolm X Center for Self Determination * March Forward! * Midwest Anti-War Mobilization * Minnesota Peace Action Coalition * Mobilization Against War & Occupation, Vancouver * Moorefield Storey Institute * Movement for a Democratic Society * Occupy Wall Street, NYC * Occupy Boston * Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Peace Research * Outright Libertarians * Pace e Bene * Peace Action New York State * Peace Action Staten Island * Peace House Oklahoma City * Peace of the Action* Raging Grannies * Refugee Apostolic Catholic Church * Rochester Against the War * Shannon Watch, Ireland* SI! Solidarity with Iran * Stanford Says No to War * St. Pete for Peace* Twin Cities Peace Campaign * Uni… >>>

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