The Big News of the Day, Syrian Veto

It has been said many times, the main stream media in the world is neither free nor fair but serves the most powerful interests of the day. And in this neo-colonialistic day and age these powers rule is neither democratic nor lawful but a shameful travesty,  The coverage of the Syrian Veto is proof as per usual of ths reality at work.  It is important you take a moment to discover the disgrace that is going on here, obvious and blatant as it is.

Google “news syria veto” you will be surprised to see 7849 articles of which 7727 articles are pushing out the official US/UK Position and presenting the US/UK anger at the shameful russian and chinese veto, with only 122 giving equal coverage to both sides of the news.…

To refect on this situation from a lawful point of view, ie one law for all countries, I bet you if the USA/UK were prepared to pass a resolution that was binding on their own countries the resolution they wrote would have receved no veto.  All they needed to make clear was that if armed groups take over cities in the USA/UK and kill thousands of police men and women the US and UK governments would not resort to military action and would seek a removal of the leadership in power.  What is fair for one is fair for all right.  The problem is the USA/UK have no intention of passing such a resolution and that is where their hypocrisy and criminality come to light.

The most ridiculous of the news I came to read was that the the Syrian National Council condemned the veto, saying it was a licence to kill.  And since when did the Syrian National Council Represent what is Credible for Syria?????????  We don’t have to go back to the USA/UK Support and maintenance of Khomeini and his regime to know the USA is not sincerely supporting democracy or listening to the voice of the people but is after Africanization of the middle east and North Africa, just look at Libya and who they brought to power by breaking the law and arming regime change fighters and blowing up the Libyan armed forces.  The result there is that entire towns have been purged with their inhabtants removed, and so many hundreds/now thousands of torture cases that it is the humanitarian agencies that have fled.

Here is the real aim of the USA/UK… yet the patsy the main stream manufactures for itself in the west through manipulation still have their doubts and believe in the correctness of the USA and UK.  Reading an article like this who can blame them  .  In the world today it is crystal clear which force is the greatest of evil and ignorance, yes, the same group that brought us Khomeini and keep his anti-secular forces in power.


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