Iranian Women Rapping and Kicking Ass

A few months ago TM Bax released its newest music video, “Tehran Mal-e Mast.” The video itself is a great look at Tehran and explores these guys’ relationship with the city (and its many fresh fruit juice stands), but one glaring absence shows up: there are almost no women featured in the video! This is a particularly problematic feature given the title (it means “Tehran is Ours”), and points to how both secular guys and religious guys can be patriarchal assholes.

I’m not an expert in the Iranian rap scene but I’ve spent my fair shares of hours in cars cruising Tehran being subjected to the stuff, and long hours wandering youtube have confirmed some of my fears: the Iranian rap scene has a lot of men, and in particular men with a taste for Los Angeles-style objectification. Some of the female rappers, meanwhile, seem to typify the worst of upper-class, North Tehran culture– the ultimate hybrid of Beverly Hills and Persian oil money- like this rather terrifying singer, who goes by the moniker “Isun Barbie”: 

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