The biggest propaganda spectacle on Syria ever

Western media (of course you can add Saudi and Qatari media) are involved in the biggest propaganda spectacle that I have ever seen.  It is bigger than the propaganda blitz that preceded the American invasion of Iraq.  There are very few Western journalists who are dissenting: it is all the same narrative and daily barrage of propaganda comes from the highly non-credible, pro-Saudi outfit, known as Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.  Western media continue to interview “Rami Abdur-Rahman” after it was revealed that the person does not even exist and that there are in fact two Syrian Observatories for Human Rights and both are vying for the propaganda role, and presumably for Saudi and Qatari money.  Only after the Iraq invasion, did people later pose and consider the propaganda role that Western media played in preparation for the invasion.  There are basic facts that are lacking, beyond the general story of Syrian regime repression–which is real.  I mean, have you read in any Western newspaper a report on the Arab League monitors’ report? One article? Was any of the monitors interviewed besides the one who “defected” before the mission even started?  Has the commander of the mission been interviewed by one Western reporter?  Don’t get me wrong.  I never thought the Arab League mission would end bloodshed in Syria, but Western governments and GCC countries pushed for the mission–clearly expecting the Syrian government would reject it.  Syrian regime acceptance derailed Western plan and the dismissal of the report became expected. Have you read one report in the Western press about the political orientations of the rebels and the Free Syrian Army?    Beyond propaganda against the regime, there is very little credible reporting.  I mean, yesterday, Arab media were reporting that “missiles” were being used for the “first time” by the Syrian regime.    Go back to those same media, they have been reporting about missiles being used by the regime for months.  Aljazeera reported numerous times that planes and helicopters were being used against protesters and “witnesses” never failed in reporting that but there wast not one video footage of that happening.  Somebody need to stand up and insist on knowing the truth, beyond the lies of the Syrian regime and its opponents (the ones who are run by GCC countries, which in turn are run from a small office in Washington, DC).  

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