I need your help – please let us prove as a United Front that Ali Soufan is point blank wrong

In his recent visit on February 13, 2012, Ali Soufa a Lebanese American past FBI agent referred to Iranian as Persian Chauvenist and claimed that Iranian Azeri Hate Iranian Persians.

First of all you are a Lebanese and not an expert of Iran and how do I know that because you say that 51% of Iran are Persians. That already proves your ignorance and the fact that you have an hidden agenda.


Iranian Azeri don’t hate Iranian Persian (if there is any Iranian Persian)

Iranian Azeri love Iran same and maybe more than all the other Iranians

Mr. Ali Soufan a Lebaneses American and fomer FBI agent is promoting his book at the same time he is paid to create uncertainty, confusion and hatred amongs Iranian people 

We are one nation and one people under one flag.

 Please let us prove opportunists and war mongers that Iranians are United as ever.


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