Whitney Huston and the Illuminati

Okay, I know you will find me superstitious or maybe even superficiale , but still I need to share my feelings with you at the risk of being called to be both ! I know, I know, most of you will say: but this is for the teen, not for the mature people like you!

But, since 3 years ago, when I have read “Angles and Demons” from Dan Brwon, I am very much influenced by the theme of the book. What if, all which the say about the Illuminati, is true? What if even half of that, is true?

I don’t know if you have heard all those conspiracy theories around the “Music Industry” and the death of Micheal Jackson and Whitney Huston, and others….

Although, I am not a very fancy lady, mostly I am an old fashion, but I loved them both. Their deaths at that unusual age, was a tragedy.

Plus, according to the historical texts, the Illuminati were really powerful and it is really possible that they are still at work.


I wanted to know if anybody out here, have an idea about the Illumanti?

What do you think about their role in the international economoic and political scene?

They say, all the US president, have been (and they must) join them and obey them.

What do you think?

Is this just the teen-ager’s conspiracy stuff ?

Sometimes I think it is real.

Here are the videos about the Music Industry, I posted only 4…but there are more.

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