French President praises Farhadi’s film

During an interview with RTL this morning, French President Nicholas Sarkozy hailed the success of French film « The Artist » at the Oscars whilst praising Iranian filmmaker’s Oscar win. The French President recently officially declared running for Office for a second term in the upcoming Presidential race opposing him to his major political opponent: Socialist François Holland. 


The President’s reaction Confirmed claims a year ago by French Daily “Le Parisien” which revealed that Sarkozy and actress/singer wife and First Lady Carla Bruni were “touched” by the Iranian Film “A Separation” which they watched long ago prior to the recent Oscar Buz. ( See related News)


Bruni is often considered as the French President’s cultural advisor credited to have “educated” him on art house Films ever since the two married on the onset of his election.


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Excerpt Below:

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« J’étais personnellement très heureux du succès d’une production française … er … du film de Farhadi « Une Séparation » qu’il faut bien avouer est Absolument bouleversant, il faut bien reconnaître les choses telles qu’elles le sont …  C’est une très grande année»


Rough Translation :


« I was personally very happy to learn about the success of another French co-production of … er … the film by Farhadi « A Separation » which one has to admit is absolutely shattering … this was a great year for cinema and French productions especially »

Official Trailer of Separation:

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