Gov. Howard Dean‘s endorsement: 

With Jahanshah’s “ejazeh” I will continue to post updates on this very exciting race! If Dr. Milad Pooran wins this primary, Democrats are then projected to win the seat. There are 3 Democrats running in the primary to be selected as the representative.

MILAD POORAN is one of them, running for Congress in Maryland. You can donate from anywhere in the US and they need every penny – I already have donated more than I could afford. Seriously. APRIL 3rd is the Primary so do so as soon as you can! I met Dr. Milad Pooran, a physician and an ex-US Airforce member, at a fundraiser (photo) and can attest to his highly impressive profile and humble, yet accutely intelligent prowess. He’s progressive, he’s a doctor (not a lawyer!!), and of Iranian origin. If that is up your alley – please go and donate. You not only help, but become part of the process.

Gov. Howard Dean said in his endorsement:

“When I was running for President, I would tell people that in politics, the difference between doctors and lawyers is that doctors are fact-based – we solve problems, we don’t argue about them. Dr. Pooran is going to go to Congress to fight for working families and solve real problems. MD-6 has been poorly represented for 20 years, and this year is a real opportunity for Democrats to change that. There is only one true progressive in the Democratic primary, and only one candidate who can win in November – Dr. Milad Pooran.” 



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