The March of the Penguins in Iran and US.

It looked like a trail on ants. These were people had been coerced to vote. Islamic democracy is a trial of life, in the form of fearsome democracy.

Quite obvious to all, was the lack of enthusiasm, that we all witnessed in previous Hezbollah elections. Previously, the world press would show jovial democracy at work in Iran. The youth were rock and rolling before. Not this time. It reminded me of the famous documentary called The March of the Penguins; especially with all those chadoris. 

This time around, the world did not show this Hezbollah democracy, in the same light as the ones in North African countries. In fact the only medias that were bubbling with enthusiasm, were the Hezbollahis own media outlets. Yawn!

We all know that the people who did turn out, were people who had to. They had to get a stamp in their Islamic Passport, to get basic registrations for marriage and government employment. Even their numbers were lower.

So what is going on? Let’s look forward. We know that this Hezbollahi regime has used the oil money, to get people on its bread line and make nukes.  But there are two elements of fear, that form their moral basis to get away with it.

The first element of fear, is the Hezbollahis fearsome belief system. It has no Free Will, and Islamic fear has mesmerized many. Doubt has forced people to pledge their lives to their cause. Islam raises useless questions, that draw even more useless answers. Iranian morality in Zend-Avesta doesn’t.

The second element of fear, is the Hezbollahis-US tit-for-tat fearmongering. The US plays a more important real role. Imagine that Hezbollahis xenophobia was dissociated from Iranian xenophobia. US media keeps telling the world of ‘Iranian threat”. That phrase is wrong. But they have to use this phrase.

Imagine what it would have looked like, if the world press stated that “Hezbollah elections” were being conducted, to select members from within their own party. The press don’t for various reasons. Imagine that they openly stated that Iranians are not xenophobic like Hezbollahis.

Why don’t the US commentators separate Hezbollahis from Iranians? The US military needs a threat; the US Republicans need a threat; the military business needs to sell; the oil prices need to be high; and the Hezbollah is hired by them to keep it that way.

This misrepresentation of Iran, has been the bottom line of US media, to help raise the fear for American Penguins to go out, just like their other Abrahamic cousins in Iran and Lebanon and Israel.

But why should we, the sons of Zoroaster and Cyrus the Great be mixed up with them incorrectly by commentators like Chomsky and Escobar. They use the word “Iran” to make the neocons look bad. And liberals like them should be on Iranian people’s side, and not the word “Iran”, when they mean Hezbollah.

So expect the US election to be full of commentaries about how the whole of Iran is democratically behind the Hezbollah, and they are going to nuke Jerusalem. That is the real fear, not the Hezbollahis in Iran. Our ancient rich warm glorious culture is being abused, to statify cold cruel US politicians and media commentators.

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