Every year all Iranians are Initiated, as most noble Iranian women pray and feel free in Chak Chak.

Watch this video, and see what we in Iran “need to do” to all Iranians, in an ideal “religious” environment. You will see a Christian commentator, use his words, to describe what we Iranians have had to do, in order that we keep what it means to be Iranian. He misses a lot.

You will see that just like other Iranians in exile, that were to become known as Jews, we had to put a jacket on, that allowed us to be separated from other religious people. Again he misses the main point.

Yes Jews were Iranians, that later had to show their difference to Christians, just like the Zoroastrians do to Moslems in Iran. True Iranians became aliens in their own country. Just like in 1979.


I come across a lot of people who ask, “what was Iran’s religion before Islam?” I answer them with a question. “What was Greece’s religion before Christanity?” The answer is philosophy.

We were taught to think for ourselves. We are intelligent. We were not suckered by someone to be his slave, on some belief trip. It is the way of Free Will. Free will is our philosophy.

It is a natural system. Being good means that you are as good as anything. There is no one, or thing that is better or worse than you. You exist and you are good. That is the best philosophy.

You are free to choose. Just like our ancient Princess did, as she fled and found refuge in Chak Chak, the symbol of ancient noble Iranian women’s resistance. Yata Ahura.


Noble Iranian women have found freedom, in this secret place in the heart of Iran. It took a lot of humility, but they kept the flame alive. All of Iran owes its dignity to them. Especially since 1979. Yata Ahura Vario.

But the questions do not stop. I get this question a lot. “That concept of being Good for the sake of being Good is extremely simple, but socially it does not exist. There is no public “religion” for it”. But there is.

They continue, “The problem we have is that Iranians, do not have a proper religion like Christianity in Europe to clean Iran”. People say “Ali you are mad to think that we have to have another religion, to get rid of this one”. But there really is.

My answer to all that, is that we do not need to create a new religion. We already have it, and we already practice it. And they all say “huh, are you mad?” I tell them, “look at what the people of Iran are doing right now. All of Iran is doing it. Quietly and very peacefully.” But the religious world does not want to see.

People with a religious lens, cannot see what we Iranians do, that is more powerful than religion, but does not shout. We are all united in that regard. But the religious world does not to see it that way on purpose.

And we do show it publically. People will see all Iranians suddenly come to respect one exact moment; when they home in with the oldest and most powerful force in the universe know as Nowruz. No one misses that exact moment.

And it is not just Iranians. Some 200 million people do it very quietly, and peacefully all around the Caspian Sea. No one shouts and have been doing it for 20,000 years. We just say the oldest prayer in the world “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds”, at the exact moment of Spring.


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