Constitutionalist Responds to Soroush’s Views on Compatibility between Religion & State

Khosro Fravahar, an Iranian Constitutionalist from Austria, criticizes Abdol karim Soroush’s views on the compatibility between Religion and State in a democratic society.


Abdolkarim Soroush was in charge of the Islamic Republic’s cultural purge aimed at “purifying” the Secular nature of Pahlavi era Universities after the Revolution of 1979.


DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in this program (as well as critics towards organizations or people mentioned) are those of Khosrow Fravahar and don’t necessarily reflect my views.


Constitutionalist Responds to Soroush’s Views on Compatibility between Religion and State :


AbdolKarim Soroush defends Cultural revolution 1980 :







Daryush Shayegan Global Dialogue Prize Winner


The Iranian centre for dialogue of civilizations was created in 1977 Under the Patronage of Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi. It’s Very First Director Iranian Philosopher Daryush Shayegan has been Awarded The Global Dialogue Prize by Aarhus University, Denmark.

Global dialogue prize 2009: Dariush Shayegan, Aarhus University in Denmark: 

Khatami explains why Democracy in Iran Cannot be achieved without Islam’s presence:

This Speech by former President of the Islamic Republic Mohamad Khatami was probably the Nail in his Coffin as the so-called Promotor of a Dialogue of Civilization. 









The ‘Life of Brian’ Debate (1979):


The Constitutionalist Peasant :

FISH & FAITH : “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen”  :

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pictory: Shahbanou Greets Christian Church in Western Azerbaijan (1975)

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FROM SHAHYAD TO AZADI: An interview with Hossein Amanat architect of Shahyad Monument (Pars TV)

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Daryush Shayegan Global Dialogue Prize Winner

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