Why do NIAC haters LOOOOOVE Israel and Netanyahu??

Iranian.com is a universe of its own. Even though it is disconnected from reality – a fring minority within the Iranian community dominate the blogs here – it is still interesting to study it.

One fascinating phenomena is the relationship between bloggers here hating NIAC and loving Israel and Netanyahu. One example is “Fred’ who always champions AIPAC and begs Israel to bomb Iran. 

Another is of course Hassan Dai, who according to Bozorgmehr is financially supported by the racist right-wing Zionist Daniel Pipes.

And then there is the new darling of the neo-con “lets-bomb-Iran-to-prove-how-much-we-love-the-Iranian-people” crowd, Sohrab Ahmari. 

Ahmari has no real credentials. His only asset is that he is an Iranian that hate Iranians and love Israel. That will land you a job in DC pretty fast among the plethora of neo-con think tanks.

Ahmari has landed at the Henry Jackson society. Henry Jackson was the legendary father of the neo-cons, a Democratic Senator from Washington State known for his close ties to Israel. Among his staff in the 1970s, you would find the people that became the key leaders of the neo-con movement – Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and many of the others that dragged the US into the disastrous Iraq war. And who tried desperately to drag America into an even more disastrous Iran war. While serving as a Senate staffer for Jackson, Perle was incidentally caught by the FBI handing over classified material to the Israeli embassy. To the neo-cons, however, that is not a crime.

It’s among these fine right-wing supporters of Israel and haters of the Iranian people – brown skinned folks with bad hygiene, according to Pipes – that Ahmari has found a home. 

There, he spends his time defending the Mujahedin terror organization, MKO, attacking NIAC, – and making trips to Israel to shake the hands of Israeli soldierspaid for by the hawkish American Jewish Committee.

What is the correlation here? Why is it that if you are a right-wing supporter of Israel, a support of war, you are so much more likely to attack NIAC?

To me, it raises memories of the early 1950s. Then, Iranians paid by the Brits and the US, attacked Mossadeq (a true Iranian patriot) and accused him of being a communist, a sell-out, a stooge – you name it.

Today, Iranians paid by the right-wing pro-Israel crowd, attack NIAC (real Iranian-Americans) and accuse its members of being Islamists, mouth pieces of the regime, and stooges.

Same foreign attack on real Iranian patriots using the same Iranian “this-is-my-price” sell-outs.

Will we learn from history?


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