HAFEZ: At home with Maya Angelou

“Home is where the heart is” or so goes the saying. For Hafez, it goes: “A  Happy heart is where the Beloved is.” Attaining that contented and connected heart is the goal, as that’s essentially the “home” we are seaking. It is in the residence of the Beloved that that connection can be forged.  In today’s “Beyt”/ couplet  Hafez is using “khoshdeli”/ a contented heart as that which he seeks, with a contented heart always feeling it has reached “home” – (and Maya Angelou searches for the same in the below.) 

Mayeh-yeh khoshdeli anjast keh deldar anjast

Mikonam jahd keh khod ra magar anja fekanam

The hearts’s strings are strung where the beloved resides

I shall strive to arrive and take abode where she abides

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” – Maya Angelou: 

In otherwords, the ultimate “home” can be found anywhere –  we all have a desire to feel connected at all times – “long” for it as Maya Angelou says.  Once you feel connected to yourself and to the ethereal Beloved, this “home” can be found wherever you find yourself, as she says.  And if like Hafez you need  to fling yourself to a specific abode – then you should! We all forge these connections differently for ourselves – but strive to create a heart connection, to a person, to a thing of beauty, to a simple sound – and you’ll find yourself landing right bang in the middle of your longed for “home.” In many ways, that’s why knowing yourself is so important – as you could then more effortlessly created connectivity according to your own needs, and  make sure you feel at “home” wherevery you “find” yourself. 

YOUTUBE: “Learning from Hafez in DC” –

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