2012 Astrology of Iran: Get ready it’s Nowruz.

Ok folks, we have just one more day, and we are about to get catapulted into Spring. So Get Ready.

This song is very appropriate:

Thousands of years ago, literally thousands, we Iranians finished up all the “spring cleaning” today, and tomorrow. We had massive celebrations on the way. Spring fever was in the air.

What is it that drives us to get out and drive forward? The weather in Iranian plateau from around 20,000 years ago became seasonal. It had not happened before anywhere on the planet ever.

Iranians were clever clocks, and they built lots of measuring instruments. We have loads of stone circles and other buildings. Later they wondered over to other parts of the planet, and places like Stonehenge appeared.

The ancients noticed that plants grew and all of nature woke up. They knew that something very natural was happening. So Iranians wanted to be in synch with it. We mastered time. We found when Spring began. And this year it will be at exactly 05:14:27 GMT on Tuesday.

Our calendar is so accurate we only lose one day every 15000 years. Unlike the Christian one, we add two days every 28 years. Astrologically that is how long it takes for Saturn to to go around the Sun.

So what is the real meaning of Nowruz or Navrouz as the other Caspian States call it? It is when the Sun crosses the Ecliptic. So it is an Earth phenomon. Yes it is Universal. It is not what you normally read it the press. It is very profound. Here is a glimpse.

We Astrologers call it the First Point of Aries. In an individual “it is selfhood, it defines and particularizes the native, his personal appearance, disposition and manner, moral and subjective viewpoint and motivating”, as this article states, http://www.astrologyweekly.com/dictionary/first-ho….

In a nation the same article states it is “The body politic. The country and its inhabitants as a whole: the people, the masses; their prosperity and health, or the reverse; their national traits and habits; the country’s interior affairs; the public consciousness and collective expression; the psychology of the masses, their reactions and conditions.”

So that is why we Iranians have identified with our roots for so long. We have withstood all the waves of invasions and managed to keep our ID as it were. Our forefathers knew when to choose our national celebrations.

There is of course so much more. The word “Din” we know as meaning religion, but it means more than that. The month of Day or Capricorn is nine months away, and therefore the ancients called the first month of our year the birth of religion month or Farvardin. But there is more to this.

We like to act in this month and we do not debate. Mars the planet of actions rules this month. The Ram is the designated animal. Look at the ancient Iranian archaeology and you will see the ‘v’ of the Ram’s horns everywhere.

This year we have Uranus the planet of radical thought and political groups joined up with the Sun as Nowruz starts. So no surprises there, as everyone will be into that boring subject of politics somemore.

But Mars is in Virgo, and it will finally get into all the nitty gritty, and sort out the mess we are in once and for all. 2012 is the year when much will end. Look out for what happens in UK, with the Eclipse landing on Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Hezbollahi new parliament will open around that time. Ah well …

For all of you born in Ardibehesht or Shahrivar or Day, Jupiter will give you a lot of good luck. Mehr will get very serious with Saturn there. Uranus will make those born in the first week of Farvardin act in very progressive if eccentric ways. And in many respects Mehr Tir and Day people born in their first week will have similar characteristics. A lot Shahrivaris will be really busy until summer comes around. They are the civil servants, medics, who will separate the wheat from the chaff, as we sort out our country once for all time. Ya Ahura!

Happy Nowruz to all and thanks for your support.

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