Video of Israeli Online Disinformation Team Admitting Manipulating the Public


“Israel is paying and training internet bloggers to delete, rewrite, and revise internet content to shape public opinion to Israel’s benefit. Video of the Israeli-sponsored training programs have been leaked to the web (like the video here). 

Additionally, investigative reporters that infiltrated these groups have reported that Israelis are being trained to spread disinformation and to try to create conflicts among different religious, racial, and ethnic groups if it would benefit Israel. Some of the seminars also encouraged the workers to spread disinformation on the internet and to attempt to recruit people for pro-Israeli causes.”  

Comment:  The video of is of an actual Israeli training session of its information war volunteers, and you will see that the woman in the video says that their job is to revise online content, for example Wikipedia, to make it more “Zionist in nature.”   

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