Astrology of Sizdehbedar: Tie a Knot of Love on Lucky Thirteen Day after Knowrooz in Iran

Yes we Iranians are into numerology. In fact all of ancient Iranian, Indian, Norse, Russian and much later, the Pagan rituals in UK and Americas are linked.

But the oldest or the roots are from around the Caspian countries. We all know how numbers were created in this area. Why were they created? Why did writing start here, even though we all migrated from Africa?

Ask an African, and they will tell you that ownership is not part of their ways. They always migrated and land was never owned.  But the migrations to the Iranian plateau took place just after the last galactic alignment, and food became scare even though seasonality was there. So Iranian created the most accurate calendars to measure seasons.

We have found the oldest writings in Ilam and proto-Elamite is the root of all languages. You will find this language is used to depict the ownership of property on various stumps. That is what validated the hereditary.

People have found that certain harmonics in music and light are more pleasing, and people have chosen to always bring their names in harmony to those fundamental vibrations.

In present day, this tradition is very strong in areas, where religious wrath did not destroy all concepts. Places like India have kept some of these traditions. Many of you would have noticed how people of that area, have names which are very long. Go to this site and you will see why:

Insert you name and date of birth and choose alphabet and see what it does. I just tried it for the word Knowrooz for 20/3/2012 that I came up with on 10 March. My friend Mr Saadat Noury likes it too. Any other kind of spelling of the word does not work. So maybe we should use that.

Now we all know that we Iranians get very suspicious of the number thirteen, and it’s wrong. Actually 13 is 4. The meaning of the number four can be found in countless numerology and tarot sites. I think this one is the simplest one:…

In numerology we count up to 10 for all things in the material world and 11 is the first number of the spiritual world. 22 and 33 are higher orders of 11.

So it is no surprise that “seeyoseh” is so profound in our culture. Go to Isfahan and see the beautiful Seeyoseh Pol Bridge there. But I am not sure whether the architect actually knew what the number 33 signified.…

Many of anectodal references remain after the almost complete shattering of the “Ancient Iranian Vase”. Iranian archaeologists are painstakingly piecing it all together, as the present calamity is forcing us to do some unprecedented soul searching.

It is a blessing in disguise, as we have to cry and scream, as we dig out our past. It is painfully hard. We are in the midst of inaugurating the beginning of the Age of Aquarius in Iran. It was written by our own Iranian Astrologers, from the last galactic alignment, in accordance to the visit of the planet by higher beings. Yata Ahur Vario. Long story ….

It is in our genetic code, for some 300 million of the noble people of the Iranian plateau, to rejoice love in an immense picnic with nature. We are in tune with cosmic natural force that flows through us peacefully. We are recreating our culture almost instinctively all over again.

Sizedehbedar cannot be replaced by any form of ideology. It is an expression of free will. We all freely sit outside and tie Knots of Love for our future partners. We wish it through nature.

We do not pray in some so called “holy place”. The whole Earth is holy. Zend Avesta teaches that we should never designate anywhere as holier than anywhere else, because that will create envy. And we know what happens when you compare and create envy.

So we embrace all and we use wisdom to appreciate all, no matter how odd they make appear in thought and action. Be honest and be appreciative. Everything has a place in this world at some space and time moment. Mistakes are good.

So think of these things when you see the birth of new things in this wonderful Spring. Make a wish as you Tie a Knot of Love this Knowrooz.

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