Letting separatists run wild on this site for years. Iranian.com, you asked for facts and you got them.

Fakhteh Zamani runs ADAPP.  This is what ADAPP is praising on the ADAPP site (see photo), and it is written by the man (Mr. Asgharzadeh) who claims that Iran’s name was created by the Nazis.[1]  The name of Iran derives from Middle Persian, Ērān, from thousands of years ago, and is noted in the inscription that accompanies the relief of ArdashirI at Naqsh-e Rustam.  Does anyone really think the Nazis came up with the word Iranshahr?   


ADAPP (run by Fakhteh Zamani) Praises this (see photo & text below):


Soviets Form Puppet Government in Northern Iran:

De-archived materials show the USSR formed the government of Pishevari (which seized Northern Iran) by the direct orders of Stalin.[2]

The Soviet military supported the new ‘autonomous’ entity and prevented Iranian army from restoring governmental control over the area. After Soviet withdrawal, Iranian troops entered the region in December 1946 and Pishevari and his cabinet fled to the Soviet Union.[3]

According to Professor. Gary R. Hess:

On December 11, an Iranian force entered Tabriz and the Peeshavari government quickly collapsed. The Soviet willingness to forego its influence in (Iranian) Azerbaijan probably resulted from several factors, including the realization that the sentiment for autonomy had been exaggerated and that oil concessions remained the more desirable long-term Soviet Objective.’[4]

According to the Fravahr site, an Iranian Jew that served in the Israeli army, by the name of Ishak Parviz Nazarian, funds many of these types of “human rights” (separatist) groups.[5]


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