Mahmoud Dolatabadi, Celebrated Iranian Writer, Found Dead – محمود دولتآبادي: خودکشی

Mahmoud Dolatabadi, 79, a celebrated Iranian writer, appeared to have committed suicide, the Investigative Committee said on its website A golden pen, which he was awarded upon retirement, was discovered near his body.

Police also found a suicide note on the scene, Interfax news agency quoted a police official as saying.

The suicide note complained about constantly being subject to ridicule in a long-winded multi-part article by, “an insecure man-hating matron who kept a frozen hotdog in her underwear.”

The note further stated that, “If women knew how to properly butter a kabab, I would not have been the subject of such venom. A paycheck is not the only thing they should learn how to blow.”

The family of the deceased has asked that charitable donations be made to the Center for Cultural Lumpiness and the Society for Penisology in Auckland, New Zealand.

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