Racism against others; ourselves and the destruction pf our society and our culture

ممنوعیت بحث‌برانگیز ورود افغان‌ها به پارکی در اصفهان

Just imagine the LA county or wherever you live would post a sign infront of a public park and demand that all Iranians stay away from it. I am positive, knowing my fellow country men and women we would not be silent about it.

But this horrific, despicable event has happened inside our country, our home our motherland. The city of Isfahan has asked Afghans to stay away from parks on the 13th day and not celebrate this sacred tradition.

I know for facts the Iranian people are not like that and that is what I want to believe. I know that this is the Fascist Apartheid Regime of Islamic republic that creates these rules and regulation.

 HOWEVER (CAPITAL), the mere silence from our part and not objecting to this kind of treatment it shows that we either support this heinous acts of crimes and we agree or we are just stupid and ignorant to the whole situation.

 When a Baha’i is spit on his face at the university and kicked out with his book thrown at him, or when jokes are made and insult are made towards the minorities in our country we have rather chosen to be silent. Furthermore, and that is very personal when our WOMEN are treated like dog, sexually harassed and discriminated against and this could be either our mother or sister we have not said anything.

 When do we plane to take a stand? When do we plan to stand for something that is right?

 On this day when I was out with my family I took a sign out on Sizdeh Bedar and I said I am an Afghan.

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