The Arc of an IR Propaganda Agent on

Here’s how it’s done:

1)  Sign up under multiple patriotic Iranian names, such as “I Love Iran,” “Iran Doost,” “Parsi Parast,” “Ferdowsi,” etc.;

2)  Immeditaely beign to blog about Jews / Israel / Palestine.  Post a lot of videos and photoshopped pictures in your blogs about Israel / Palestine.  Curiously, most of these characters are experts at video research, posting, photoshop and have excellent computer knowledge, as if they are professionally trained in IT;

3)  Leave comments on every blog that is critical of the IR, and cite examples of the same in Israel, as if there’s any relevance;

4)  Leave comments on your own blogs using your other usernames, congratulating yourself on how well you’re exposing Israel and urging yourself to continue your excellent work;

5)  Write blogs about how is a Zionist / Bahai / American neocon operation;

6)  Call all users on IC Israeli / Mossad agents and claim that you have inside knowledge showing that they all write from Israel;

7)  Threaten with lawsuit;

9)  Get blocked for being abusive to site and other users;

10) Start doing 1-9 through other usernames until they get blocked.  Before they do though, write a blog through one of them claiming you’re a victim of censorship and…of course…a victim of a Zionist conspiracy;

11) Wait a month or so after all your new usernames have been blocked.  Sign up under new usernames and repeat cycle. 


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