Misunderstanding Iranians in Iran

Recently I have been seeing many articles on IC that thankfully highlght the Sheer Filth of the USA govt with respect to human rights, its own democracy and Freedom and these ideals for other countries in the world. 

I strongly applaud such efforts on this site for three reasons, 1) Iranians are Unaware (not educated) in relation to realities. 2) Iranians are Unaware, how unware they are 3) Iranians living in the west suffer from a form of stockholm syndrome (they cluelessly praise the USA, UK, France (for the most part) and Russia, China (occasionally but rarely) this is because they feel they in part owe their lives, freedom and well being to the Rapist, Torturing, Mass Murdering Inhumane Governments and Societies they now live in (mosly USA, UK. France).  Perverted logic and loyalties is the problem here.

My 2 problems with western residing iranians are likely rooted in this Stockholm Syndrome, Firstly, the Iranian all too common habit of brown nosing in favor of the arguments put forward by these western governments & societies, of course with ill intention toards Iranians in Iran, who have done nothing but use Iranian natural aspirations for example the desire for democracy, in order to Bring to power the IRI and extremism to power in iran and thereby bringing Iran to her Knees Intentionally, by plan. These Western governments don’t just love extremists for our country, iran, they also do for Africa or others progressing too much, the rest is just a game to keep your heads busy and unaware/mislead.  Secondly the other problem I notice in Western Residing Iranians is a lack of culture of decency, or general impoliteness in the face of being made aware how they may be serving a side that is far from wearing a white hat and on the side of goodness, beauty and Truth (like for example Nasrin Soutoudeh), but infact they are serving manipulations and deceits being carried out by interests who are wearing hats as black as the night sky.  The common way a person without culture of decency responds is, what gives you the right to say these things about the west, while you are living in freedom and have freedom.  This is impolite and clearly implying you are doing wrong to stand for the truth if it codemns the west in any way.

I have no problem with western residing Iranians that condemn the IRI and its supporters, sadly the west loves them for Iran and is busy loving other extremists in waiting.  For example when IloveIran write articles that do us all a great service and do a great job of getting to the truth regarding the filth of western governments, Since he does not openly condemn the IRI and does not wish for the IRI despite all its visibly committed crimes (not alleged) to meet justice he deserves some criticsim unless he openly shows he is not 2 faced when it comes to the crimes he is opposing for one group, yet not for the IRI.

Facing some other truths.  Western governments and their societies had the greatest deal/alliance they could ever hope for in a million years with the late shahs government yet they killed him physically (through the generous supply of a rare cancer that was not even part of his genetics) and politically (producing data to suggest tortures were widespread in Iran and systematic under his rule) this was done solely because of all the development and progress his team accomplished for iran.  Instead of highlighting the improved Human Rights, Freedom and Independence (being able to produce educated people on a first world level with ZERO corruption in these modern institutions. 


On various sides comments show 4) misunderstandings of the people in Irans views, who are the group of interest in these blogs.

1) The Consensus of People within Iran Today have realized their parents generation and the western government loving Iranians were manipulated in 1979 and this harmed their future.  The people feels cheated in many ways and they feel Iran was thwarted, which it happens to be true.   

2) Today Iranians who have to Leave Iran for the West, do so not because they love the UK and USA, but because these are some of the few countries left on earth, that these same rapists have not raped of freedom and they know this. (I guess its not smart for the west to rape itself that would be counter productive, leave that for the Africans, South American, Mddle easterners).  People in the 3rd world like Iran, are real victims and they are largely aware of this, and so they do not flock to the west solely for the love of freedom that they know is still available over in the west, they flock to west because they know that these countries can not legally deny them the freedom that is present in the west in the way freedom is denied them in their home countries after the west united and worked so hard at deceiving people in places like Iran to steal the freedom that existed.  The biggest Issue causing people to leave Iran is just escaping the living Hell that Iran is today, thanks to the USA and other western partners delivering Khomeini to Iran as presenting him as a ghandi like figure and for 33 years keepng his ideologues in power since 1979, willing to do anything to keep them in power including negotiating with them, everything of course but help help the largely popular moderates with a desire for Irans progress.

3) The consensus of Iranians within Iran care about Iran first and formeost, which is why the mullahs have lost all popular support since the consensus in Iran Know why the west loves them for Iran, because they couldn’t give a damn about anything but themselves as can be seen by their results.  Yet the issue of how the palestinians are treated does affect Iranians in one sense, not that they are pro-palestinian, it helps them see how the USA uses the law unfairly to harm the weak and how disingenuous its government and leaders are consistently when it comes to iran.  When the west allows thousands of palestinians to be killed, with their money and their technology, with out even issuing something comparable to a parking ticket.  iranians do not move closer to the IRI

The consensus common folk in Iran wonder how stupid the older generation were for buying at a Premium, that the late Shah was 1) a dictator, 2) a torturor, 3) a megalomaniac and 4) a crook 5) Focussed on Repression. And they are loudly wondering and asking, if in all Iran there wasn’t anyone that instead who was of drumming this noise intentionally, instead cared enough about iran to realize this was being done by the enemies of Iran in the world media and disingenuous opportunists on the inside. 


How does one answer the consensus of iranians who are now aware of the treatement of Palestinians by the west (not that its their priority) or see the tortures of Syrians and slaughter of children (not that its their concern), by extremists and US firms like blackwater. http://rt.com/news/friends-syria-peace-opposition-…

pretending they are after democracy.  After 1979 Iranians within iran are putting 1 plus 1 together and this is why they have such a sense of new found disgust for hypocrts that do this http://rt.com/news/poland-cia-secret-prison-968/

with the full and open knowledge of the world community and with absolute impunity to justice and then publicly pin crimes on Savak, using its official name in print, all while using the help of small fringe group Opportunists within Iran.  I don’t pretend to know the answer, what i see is that Iranians within Iran have stopped listening to what is said, and now they just watch what is done by those that speak.


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