Iran has officially become an Apartheid Fascist State – Congratulation

When you ignore and ignore then you realize that you are participant. You do become eventually a full participant.

 Hiding under different nationalities, I am a Persian, I am an Iranian American does not resolve the issue.

This Islamic Fascist regime started by harrassing and discriminating women and that is your mother, wives, sisters etc. you ignored and said nothing. I am sure many Iranian men enjoyed that power. 

Then it came by harrassing Bahai, Jews, and other religous and ethnic minorities, again you ignored.

Then the regime started by officialy placing banners like NAZIS and banning other groups, nationalities and ethnicities from enterance to public places. We openly harassed them and try to humiliate them.

 Congratulation you are officially entering the RANKS of an Apartheid state.

 Iran has become a society of Mules….

The facts are that your mother is been sexually harrassed on the street and now open discrimination is puting the hallmarks of our culture progression to the past and sign of backwardness and a realization of a primitive society.

What have we become…The sad part is I watched all those clips about celebration of Nowruz not one, not even one in different locations from Vancouver to LA, to Toronto or Paris etc. mentioned about the hate and racism that had occured in Iran against the Afghans. What a SHAME…

Stand up, organize STOP being a MULE and take back your country form these ILSAMIC fascist Tyrants that have no interestin Iran.

These are invadors and a group of bandits and THUGS who have invaded our country and we are welcoming them.

By the way your silence is a sign of agreement and participation.

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