Who’s Absurd, Mr. Westerwelle? Grass or the Likud Entourage?

Official Germany is wrong.   Is a nuclear Israel putting world peace at risk? YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

It is Mr. Westerwelle who is absurd!

Relative to Mr. Grass’ poem “What Must Be Said”,  the claim by Germany’s Foreign Minister Westerwelle “Putting Israel and Iran on the same moral level is not ingenious but absurd,” I believe that’s true, but not in the direction Mr Westerwelle does.  The issue is, ‘has nuclear weapon equipped Israel (and the US) threatened Iran with an attack relative to a non-existent Iranian nuclear attack capability”.  Is a nuclear Israel putting world peace at risk? YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

The moral level issue is clear-cut.  Which side of the issue is mobilizing international support to accept a bombing?  Which side of the issue is capable of carrying out the attack with impunity (one Israeli source estimates only a maximum of 300 Israelis would be killed by Iran’s response)?  Which side of the issue has preemptively attacked other countries on equally flimsy accusations?  Which side is on record as working towards (and fought recent wars to accomplish) regime change?  Which side is living a BIG LIE (Whose nuclear bombs exist, and are hidden, and unaccountable?)

It is only because Gunter Grass wrote his poem as a German, specifically concerned with the complicity implicit in another sale by Germany to Israel of submarines capable of launching nuclear weapons, and because he wanted to highlight the unique German viewpoint, that the obvious massive and overarching complicity of the US with the Likud government in Israel, their AIPAC fifth-column in the US, those in war and banking related industries hungry to win big in another cataclysm, and their dupes in the superstition obsessed so-called fundamentalist Christian community, that the US was not the focus of attention as well. He should write another poem!  Even better, America needs it’s own poet with balls.

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