Astrology report for Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th April 2012.

Moon in Azar or Sagittarius.

Click on the link above and you will see the moment the Moon moves into Sagittarius in about 7 hours time. Right now the Moon is still in Scorpio and you should have had a pretty exciting week-end. Maybe a little excessive as it made opposition to Jupiter.

But the Moon’s move in Sagittarius will come to challenge your actions. Look at the red line with a box on it. That means a 90 degree angle. So it won’t be easy. But it will force you to really get into the nitty gritty of things. Mars in Virgo has helped a lot of Virgos born around the first ten days of Shahrivar to really pick themselves up and punch. I have seen a few myself in my friends and family. Good for them as they face the world of Neptune that rules dreams music arts. See how Neptune is opposite Mars.

So if you are born in the first week of Khordad Sharivar Azar or Esfand you will need to act or you will be actioned. That’s what happens when there is a cross or there are 90 degree angles around.

If you look at the lighter side you will see that the Moon will be making a 120 aspect (a trine) to Uranus. So that will make finding new networks easy. Uranus is all about technology and politics. So that area will do well.

By Wednesday Moon will bring out the tensions in any legal matters as it makes awkward aspects to that awkward angle of Mercury and Saturn.

So yeah it will be a pretty productive few days eh. You will see as time goes by a lot of these themes reoccur because the slower planets don’t move fast enough for the change to take place. This is especially so nowadays with Mars being stuck where it is.

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