Astrology Report: Moon in Capricorn or Day Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th April 2012.

Moon just entered Capricorn or Day. Capricorn concerns society or social desires, and the future. The opposite is Cancer or Tir which deals with family issues or the past.

Currently we have Pluto slowly making its way through Capricorn. Just look at how we have had Arab Spring and so many more societies will be totally changes. The Moon is getting pretty close to Pluto. Angles made by other planets to Moon will be effected. That Earthquake is all about Pluto.

Mercury and Venus are forcing people to be very corrective with their buddies and lovers. It is a very good time to look at the very logic of any relationship with brothers and sisters and partners by Friday.

If you look at the Sun you will see that it is opposing Saturn. The Moon will effect that when it gets to 90 to both of them. That will effect those born around 26 Day Mehr Farvardin and Tir. You all will need to review any sales campaigns then. Really give it push on Friday night. Decisions will be made.

Mars will start to finally stop sitting around and picking at tiny details and finally get going through Virgo. Personally I am fed up all the slow down this has caused. But it had to be sorted on the cynical real cold rational digital way the Virgo energy wants. It will take the rest of Spring before it is finished. But at least it has stopped going retro.

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