THE LAST SHAH : Enayat Fani interviews Houshang Nahavandi on New Book

BBC Persian Hard Talk speaks to Houshang Nahavandi the Former Minister of Education during the Imperial Era and Chair of Pahlavi University of Shiraz and a close associate to Shahbanou Farah’s Office in the mid 70’s. (Source:

Now Full time Historian at Belgium’s prestigious ULB University in Brussels, Houshang Nahavandi was Once considered as a potential successor to Amir Abbas Hoveyda as Prime Minister. 

His latest book on the Shah of Iran is entitled:”The Last Shah of Iran: Fatal Countdown of a Great Patriot Betrayed by the Free World, a Great Country Whose Fault Was Success“. He is also the author of several other books including Iran, the clash of ambitions and a biography in French on Shah Abbas: SHAH ABBAS. – Empereur de Perse 1587-1629


BBC Persian Beh Ebarateh Deeghar :

Part I:

Part II:


NOTE : You Can Watch Program in Continuity Here


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