Astrology Report: Monday 16 to Wednesday 18 April 2012: Moon Pisces or Esfand.

Astrology Report: Monday 16 to Wednesday 18 April 2012: Moon Pisces or Esfand.

Right now the Moon is in Aquarius so read the previous report. But by late Monday the Moon would have moved into a critical position to Mars. It will be in Pisces. Pisces is all about the intuitive part. It rules art, music, imagination, water sports, dancing. Shoppers go and look for shoes. Do your hair baby!

Have a look at the chart:

You will see a red cross there which is the 90 degree formed by Mars Neptune Venus and North Node. Whenever the Moon crosses over one of those points you get action. Action makes things happen.

The other area is the Sun and Saturn. Boy have we been waiting for this to happen. And we are there. Finally the opposition is over.  Forget that old relationship hassle. Write it all on a piece of paper and burn it. We are now talking of you. Only you.

Basically it has been a sleepy period and we need a bit of drama. A friend of mine just posted this video and it shows how thing will change as Mars moves forward. The Moon will basically push that button.

We have all been a bit like this sleepy town. Suddenly Kaboom!  Olympics are 100 days away and we are reving up. Astrology is useless if you don’t get advance warning. Surf that wave.

See how this champion of world surfing does it. He rose to the challenge.…

And you will get that amazing feeling that will want to you to just get up and go for it. It reminds me of this tune.…

And as if that was not enough, wait for Mercury to get into Aries or Farvardin tomorrow as well. All those amazing original thoughts that make you stand out come out. Be the number one. You are the Big I Am!

So get hard and break some walls as this video shows:…

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