Signs to look for in your doctors in your next trip to IRR to seek medical treatment!

This can particularly come handy if you happen to be visiting and treated by doctors graduated from and affiliated with:

  1. Certain Azad Universities (operated by
    the Rafsanjani family)
  2. Imam Ali U.
  3. Imam Hossein U.
  4. Imam Hassan U.
  5. Imam Zeinolabedin U.
  6. , …,
  7. Imam Mehdi (Fararri, not the Italian
  8. And many other suspicious-named Universities
  9. Associated with early Basiji Corp and IRGC organizations


You should definitely want to stay away from these doctors. An please
look for physical signs in thes doctors focusing on the following red

  1. Ages of 50 to 60,
  2. Extremely overweight
  3. Extreme body odor and poor hygienes
  4. Kachal
  5. A black mark on the forehead
  6. Images of Khomeini, Khamenei hanging from their mosque-like decorated offices
  7. Holding and counting beads 


Once you pass the tests on the above items, please make sure you educate
yourselves in the following tools and be careful your doctors apply
them for the right tests:

  1. Stethoscope
  2. Otoscope
  3. Ophthalmoscope
  4. Proctoscope
  5. and others 


For example, if you happen to be a female and if you are visiting a
gynecologist and he/she is examining you with an otoscope then that
should raise a red flag about the competence, preparedness, and
credibility of your doctor whether or not he/she earned the medical
degree or received by force or purchased it as was suggested by many
folks here in IC.

As patients, all you can do is be prepared, do your home work, and hope for the best.

Good Luck!

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