Talking Turkey: Iran Meeting Distilled

Istanbul Talks Distilled: 10 hours of talks, resulting in 5 translated hours due to the Iranians pretending they don’t speak English, resulting in less than 90 actual minutes between the UK and Iranian chief negotiators, who agreed to agree, and have another meeting in May, in Baghdad, Iran’s home turf this time. America sat on it’s hands and nodded. In agreement.

This was then fed to the journalists as “optimistic”, and both sides calling it “constructive”. It is far more than that. Because it has now also bought Iran a full month out of the remaining 6 needed to go from the 20% enrichment it has now, to the 90%+ it needs.

1 down, 5 more to go. If Iran isn’t lying about the 20%. I’m betting Iran already has the 90% it needs. Because no one, but no one knows for sure exactly what Iran has.

What is known is that the hardest part of enrichment is getting to 20%. And Iran admits to having that. This is likely a subtle hint to Israel that Iran has more than that. Hence no attack by Israel. Probably never now.

Ironically 20, is also the highest grade you can get in Iranian school, so give Iran a 20 for a successful trip!

Unfortunately the rest of the world gets an F and is now forced to repeat the course and summer school in Baghdad.

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