IAAB’s 7th Annual Camp Ayandeh

Now onto its 7th year, Iranian Alliances Across Borders’ Camp Ayandeh is just around the corner. This year the camp will be held at Whittier College in Los Angeles, California from July 3-11.

Camp Ayandeh is a leadership camp for Iranian high school to students through rising college freshman from all across the United States. During the week, campers get the opportunity to participate in a variety of leadership workshops and engage in meaningful discussions about their roles as members of the Iranian Diaspora community in order to gain a deeper understanding of identity and culture. “Ayandeh” which is Farsi for “future”, perfectly embodies IAAB’s value of the power of youth leadership.

“I remember telling my parents that my week at Camp Ayandeh was even better than the week at Disney World…So of course once I graduated as a camper I joined staff and Camp Ayandeh has only begun to mean more to me…I don’t know what life would be like if I had never gone, it’s really been an important part of my entire life. But I’ve always said that Camp Ayandeh fills a hole that you didn’t really know you had until you got there“ said Roshan Alemi, a former camper and member of IAAB staff, who started going to Camp Ayandeh in 2006.

(To see her full story, watch this short video)

Camp Ayandeh embraces the diverse backgrounds of all participants, campers and counselors alike. It is an open environment where campers should share their experiences, as they bring their unique characteristics to the group. As a non-political and non-religious camp, Camp Ayandeh is open to all races and creeds.

Apply to be a camper now! Join us this summer. Grow with us.
New camper applications can be found here.

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