NIAC: 10 Years of Making Change

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On May 1, 2002, the National Iranian American Council opened its doors. We are grateful for your support all these years.

But imagine if we had not been here defending the community’s interests. What would things be like?

–Would the Persepolis tablets and other priceless cultural heritage be for sale on e-Bay, sitting on someone’s coffee table…or destroyed?

–Would Iranian students still be forced to choose between their education and their family because they were only allowed one entry on their visa?

–Would Congress have succeeded in blocking all Iranians from entering the US?

–Or green-lighted a first strike attack by Israel?

–Would we be at war right now?

For ten years, NIAC has tackled these and other tough problems – and gotten results.

For ten years, our community has had a strong voice. This voice is needed now more than ever.

We must not sit by and let Tehran turn into Baghdad. We must not let Iran’s children perish under falling bombs – and America falter under the weight of yet another conflict.

As Iranian Americans, we must take a stance against war. And we must invest in our community and future. By investing in NIAC, you help protect the next generation and beyond.

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