LONELY ARE THE BRAVE: A Tribute To French President Nicholas Sarkozy

French socialist Francois Hollande has won a clear victory in the country’s presidential election. Nicholas Sarkozy has called on the French to respect his newly elected rival. 

Mr Hollande – who got an estimated 52% of votes in Sunday’s run-off – said the French had chosen “change”. Admitting defeat, centre-right incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy wished “good luck” to Mr Hollande.

Analysts say the vote has wide implications for the whole eurozone. Mr Hollande has vowed to rework a deal on government debt in member countries. Shortly after polls closed at 20:00 (18:00 GMT), French media published projections based on partial results giving Mr Hollande a lead of almost four points. Nicolas Sarkozy says Francois Hollande must be respected as the new president

Turnout was about 80%. (Related News)


President Nicholas Sarkozy Thanks his supporters and congratulates his Successor:

BBC’s Katya Adler writes :

« In his speech Mr Sarkozy appeared to want to confound all the labels that haunted him while France’s president. He was said to be arrogant. Tonight he appeared humble.

He was said to be president of the elite only. Tonight he came across as president of the people, thanking all those who had supported him and appealing for unity across France.

And another role reversal: swept to power as president five years ago on a popular mandate for change, this bulldog of French politics tonight became the underdog.

The question now is what happens to his party. Will there be a fight for the political right in France. The far-right hopes to make huge gains in the June legislative elections thanks to Mr Sarkozy’s defeat tonight.


Congratulations to the New Elected French President François Hollande and new First Lady Valerie Trierweiler Nevertheless » 






Sarkozy In Benghazi Libya Hails French Libyan Friendship:

Bernard henri levy Interviewed by Christian Amanpour:






French Documentary: 

Un Jour Un Destin – Nicholas Sarkozy les secrets d’une ambition







“The throne is an over decorated piece of furniture … It what’s behind the throne that counts”

       Napoleon Bonaparte


Sarkozy’s epic like political career and personal life have been highlighted by ups and downs tainted with a tempestuous character which have equally drawn admiration and revulsion leading commentators and journalists to compare his tremendous energy to a modern Napoleon …


Rod Steiger as Napoleon in Waterloo (1970):


Waterloo Trailer (1970):

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