Happy Mothers day to Mother’s of Laleh Park

Today, on the mother’s day, I send my greetings to the bereaved and brave mothers of tens of thousands of Iran’s best and brightest who lost their lives to the evil rule of Islamist Fascism over the past 34 years in our beloved motherland.I send my greeting to the “Mothers of Laleh park” “The Mothers of Laleh Park are the mothers whose children lost their lives for taking part in the millions large and peaceful protest marches held  to simply protest the results of June 2009 Iran’s fraudulent Presidential Election. Their protest was responded by opening fire and shooting directly onto millions of unarmed protestors resulting in death of dozens. The Mothers of Laleh Park are the mothers of all the political prisoners and all those who have been jailed for their beliefs and their civil activities; they are the mothers of all unknown prisoners who were killed, tortured, raped, or received harsh and long term prison sentences in show trials. The Mothers of Laleh Park are the mothers of those who lost their lives in the past 34 years of islamist republic rule in Iran. these mothers will never abandon the fight to seek justice for their perished children. The Mothers demand those responsible for ordering and carrying out the individual and mass executions, ethnic and religious massacres, imprisonments, tortures, rapes, assassinations, raiding and ransacking the homes, pillaging the college dormitories, etc. since the 1979 Revolution to be brought to justice. The Mothers of Laleh Park are the mothers of all the youth of Iran who have been arrested by Islamic regime, have gone missing, and of whom there are no traces to this day. The Mothers of Laleh Park are the mothers of all those wounded and disabled by Islamic regime’s security forces. The Mothers of Laleh Park consider death penalty a form of organized murder, and are against any type of homicide in any form and shape, and under any pretext including stoning and Qessas (an eye for an eye). The Mothers demand abolition of death penalty. The Mothers of Laleh Park, who themselves have been and continue to be victims of violence and discrimination against women, support all non-violent and equalitarian activities.”  


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