“total war” with Islam at one of the US’s top military schools

Imagine the situation where we run a way from the thugs of Iranian regim and end up becoming victims of Islamophobia here in the the UK, Europe or the USA.

Unfortunately, it is happening, it is real and we need to stand firm against such politics. Please see the following report:

America’s top military officer has condemned a course taught about “total war” with Islam at one of the US’s top military schools as “totally objectionable”.

Lawrence Korb, of the Centre for American Progress, told the Today programme that some people in the military “really feel that this is the struggle we’re in”.

“There is a certain element in our military – a lot of them influenced by evangelical religious beliefs – that feel that the attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are an indication of the fact that we are at war with Muslims and that people are using their religion as a justification for killing Americans and our allies,” he said.


I would like to draw your attention to the following resolution passed by London School of Economic’s student union. Please use this resolution to condemn Islamophobia in your place of work.

No to racism – no to Islamophobia!

Union notes

1. The rise of Islamophobia in the United Kingdom [1][2],

2. The rise of the extreme right in Europe [3],

3. The 762 Islamophobic offences in London alone between April 2009 and June 2011 as

confirmed by the Metropolitan Police, [4]

4. Ethnic minorities are 42 times as likely to be targeted under the Terrorism Act, [5]

5. Recent Islamophobic incidents at LSE.

Union believes

1. In the right to criticise religion,

2. In freedom of speech and thought,

3. It has a responsibility to protect its members from hate crime and hate speech,

4. Debate on religious matters should not be limited by what may be offensive to any

particular religion, but the deliberate and persistent targeting of one religious group about any

issue with the intent or effect of being Islamophobic (‘Islamophobia’ as defined below) will not

be tolerated.

5. That Islamophobia is a form of anti-Islamic racism.

Union resolves

1. To define Islamophobia as “a form of racism expressed through the hatred or fear of Islam,

Muslims, or Islamic culture, and the stereotyping, demonisation or harassment of Muslims,

including but not limited to portraying Muslims as barbarians or terrorists, or attacking the

Qur’an as a manual of hatred”,

2. To take a firm stance against all Islamophobic incidents at LSE and conduct internal

investigations if and when they occur.

3. To publicly oppose actions on campus that are Islamophobic based on the aforementioned


4. To ensure that all Islamophobic incidents aimed at or perpetrated by LSE students either

verbal, physical or online are dealt with swiftly and effectively in conjunction with the School,

5. To work with the Pro-Director for Teaching and Learning and Deans to address

Islamophobia and other forms of racism on campus and methods to alleviate it,

6. To ensure that this definition is used to promote and enhance legitimate debate regarding

the morality and legitimacy of international conflicts and oppose illegitimate acts of

Islamophobia on campus.

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